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The Baker’s Choice

The Baker's Choice

The Baker's Choice  is completely welded together for a lifetime of trouble-free performance and assembled with standard features such as the porcelain enameled high back and shelf to store items you like to keep handy for cooking and baking. It also has standard accessories of ash pan, fire poker, porcelain knobs, oven thermometer, internal flue damper, grate shaker, 17-1/8" tall 7" oval to round adapter with gasket & cement,and a lid lifter.

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The Baker’s Choice is painted with a high heat flat black paint that will protect the unit from corrosion. The cooking area of the stove is made of smooth, polished steel and has two eleven-inch removable lids for loading wood. The Baker’s Choice also comes with a high-back porcelain shelf that is handy for storing items.


  • Firebox is lined with refractory brick lining, custom molded
  • This model is front loading, it also has an 11" lid that you can load through
  • The Baker's Choice has grates, equipped to burn either wood or coal
  • There are dampers located on the side of the stove to regulate heat.
  • The Bakers' Choice has some stainless steel to protect against corrosion
  • The stove is painted black with high heat paint, it's not porcelain enamel
  • The oven door swings out, not down
  • There is an optional lid available for the water reservoir
  • UL Listed to 1482 ULC listed to 5627 and CSA B366
  • The water reservoir is on the back of the stove and holds about 7 gallons of water. The dimensions are 16" wide x 17" deep x 17" tall
  • Stove comes with a 7" oval to 7" round flue adapter for single wall stove pipe
Baker's Choice Specifications
Width 36"
Depth 24"
Height 53.5"
Cooking Surface 34" W x 21.5" D x 32.5" H
Oven Dimensions 14" W x 22" D x 14" H
Fire Box Dimensions 11.5" W x 18.5" D x 14" H
Flue 7" Oval
Water Reservoir 7 Gallons
Weight 400 lbs
Approx. Area Heated 2,000 sq. ft.
Front 44"
Rear 34"
Left Side 28.5"
Clearances To Combustibles
Front 48"
Rear 34"
Left Side 27"
Right Side 27"

The Baker's Choice Wood Cookstove
Item Price
Bakers Choice (comes with 7" oval to round adapter 17-1/8" Tall, gasket & cement) $1,570
Bakers Choice w/ Water Reservoir (7 gallons) $1,715
Warming Oven for Bakers Choice $300
Stainless Steel Water Coil $75
Lid for Water Reservoir $35
Obadiah's GREAT & Love the cookstove!
September 5, 2013
Reviewer: Karl Geary - NY State
Let me start with the company I bought my cookstove from, "Obadiah." From what I can tell, It's a smaller mom and pop operation. From the purchase to install, these guys were just great. I was installing the stove myself and Woody, himself a fireman, sized and recommended the best route the pipe should take, etc. Even when I had to call a few times with banal questions, they were patient to the last. Now the stove is in and I am very very grateful to them for their help and support. The stove itself: It's simple, functional and very effective. I use it to heat an area about 1450 sf, this it does with ease. The space is pretty well insulated, but still an old house and there are air leaks. The oven is great, bit of a learning curve there. But I think that says more about me than the stove. Otherwise, I gotta say, I love this stove.

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