Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Baker’s Oven

Vermont Bun Baker Wood Cookstove

This wood cookstove spreads cozy warmth through your kitchen or living area. The Vermont Bun Baker cook stove will heat 700 - 900 sq. ft. depending on the outdoor temperatures and how well insulated a home is.

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The Vermont Bun Baker is a wood stove heater, classic wood oven and cooktop combined. With style from a bygone era, and optional soapstone sides and top, the Vermont Bun Baker will grace your home and vacation cottage. It will cook everything from crispy, fresh bread to succulent juicy roasts. The cook top takes 4 large saucepans or pots, and 2 removable rings make it ideal for wok cooking. A bypass damper allows hot flue gases to circulate around the oven before escaping out the flue outlet.

*Note: The Vermont Bun Baker is the same stove as the Baker's Oven. Our distributor has been given the privilege by the Australian manufacturer of naming it the Vermont Bun Baker and adding the option of soapstone to this unique cook stove.

Firebricks increase thermal mass, stabilize temperatures and protect the firebox.

The ash lip below the door prevents hot coals from dropping onto the floor.

Minimum cleaning. Depending upon the type of wood you burn, it could be as little as once every six weeks. A convenient inspection plate inside the base of the oven provides access for cleaning any products of combustion that build up within the bypass area.

Bottom and rear heat shielding. Enables closer clearances to combustible materials.

Baker's Oven Specifications
Height 32.5"
Depth 21.5"
Width 21.5"
Shipping Weight 400 lbs.
Flue Size 6"
Oven Dimensions 13 1/2" wide x 13" deep x 10" tall
Firebox Dimensions 13" wide x 11.5" deep, 13 1/2" tall
Stove Pad 1" non combustible
UL Listing 1482 (also ULC-S627)
Stove Material Steel - 1/4" thick top and front 5/16" firebox
Heat Output 30,000 BTU/hr
Efficiency Rating 78%
Clearances Single Wall Pipe Double Wall Pipe
Back of Stove 14" 8"
Side of Stove 14" 10"
Corner of Stove 11.5" 6.5"
Vermont Bun Baker shown with optional soapstone.
Vermont Bun Baker Wood Cookstove
Hot Water Circulator. The stove with the optional hot water heater installed does not have the UL listing 1482
Vermont Bun Baker Wood Cookstove
Prices U.S. Dollars
Without Soapstone (includes shipping) $2,849
With Soapstone Sides & Top (includes shipping) $3,949
Optional 100lb Soapstone Hearth $350
Optional Hot Water Heater $350

Shipping within the continental USA is included.  Some exceptions may apply.

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Great stove!
September 5, 2013
Reviewer: Woody Chain
We have owned the Bakers Oven for over 7yrs. We use it in our 36' Avion coach as I am also a professional firefighter. http://wildfirefighters.com/ When we're fighting fires up in the Rocky Mountains, even in the summer, it can get fairly chilly (30s) at night. We'll build a fire in our Bakers Oven at night to stay warm, and it will be ready to heat up a pot of coffee in the morning. Although I'm not much of a cook, I've made a pot of chili on the cook-top. I've also used the oven to heat up frozen pizza's, lasagna and garlic bread. This stove does have a small firebox, but I can get an overnight burn out of it. The Soapstone option really makes a big difference in storing and radiating the heat and takes a good stove and makes it a great stove! (I am the owner of Obadiah's.)
Great stove!
September 5, 2013
Reviewer: Sam
We use our stove to heat our 1200sqft home. It keeps it at 72 degrees with outside temperature of 26 degrees. A load of wood lasts about five hours. The only problem is the small firebox. You learn to cut wood in a different shape. Watch YouTube. Overall, I would buy another one if we move, or a replacement. I'm sure the fuel would last longer if we packed it into it. Great stove!

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