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J.A. Roby Cuisiniere Woodburning Cookstove

J.A. Roby Cuisiniere Cookstove

*Please Note: This stove is certified with an emission level as low as 1.349 Gr/Hr and has an efficiency rating of 78.6% (LHV).  These results were obtained within official tests conducted by the CSA B 415.1-10 emission standard, which is the Canadian environmental standard that is closest to the environmental standard of the U.S. EPA, and the ULC-S-627.00 safety standard, which is the Canadian equivalent to the UL safety standard in the USA. 


A recreation of the old style cookstoves, this new design from J.A. Roby is improved to be economically friendly and efficient without losing the old style grandeur. 

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A flash to the past without losing the convenience of the future, the Cuisiniere allows you to cook your meals while heating your home. Moreover, with emission levels as low as 1.349 Gr/Hr and an efficiency rating of 78.6% (LHV), this cookstove is environmentally friendly and efficient, with results obtained from official tests according to Canadian environmental standard CSA B 415.1-10 (The Canadian equivalent to the U.S. EPA environmental standard).  This wood cookstove also meets the Canadian Safety Standard ULC-S-627.00 (The Canadian equivalent to the UL Safety Standard in the USA).


  • One cast iron door model (burning stove side)
  • High efficiency 88% with dry seasonned wood
  • Low emissions 1.34Gr/hr
  • Efficency Rating (LHV) 78.6%
  • Oven for cooking provided with glass door
  • Food warmer
  • Thermometers on the oven and food warmer
  • Chromed handles
  • Heating by convection and radiation
  • Air wash system for burning stove firebox side
  • Ash drawer
  • Log length 19"
  • Heat up to 2,300 ft²
  • Offered in metallic black


  • Outdoor air intake (factory installed)
  • Fans (2) and thermodisc
  • Firescreen


Specifications J.A. Roby Cuisiniere
Type of fuel Wood
Recommended heating area 500 - 2,300 ft²
Maximum output 95,000 BTU/hr Dry seasoned wood
Exteriors dimensions
Width 50" - 127 cm
Height 54" - 137.16 cm
Depth 29 ½" - 74.93 cm
Type of chimney 2100º F. - 650º C.
Exaust pipe diameter 6" - 15.24 cm
Recommended chimney diameter 6" - 15.24 cm
Minimum chimney height 12' - 3.66 m
Maximum log length 19 ½" - 49.53 cm
Firebox dimensions
Width 19" - 48.26 cm
Height 12 ¼" - 31.12 cm
Depth 19 ¾" - 50.17 cm
Door opening dimensions 16 ¼" x 10 ½" - 41.28 cm x 26.67 cm
Minimum clearances to combustibles
Back 12" - 30.48 cm
Side 18" - 45.72 cm
Corner 18" - 45.72 cm
Top (measured from floor) 84" - 213,36 cm
Interior oven dimension Width 20 ¾" - 52.71 cm
Height 15 ½" - 39.37 cm
Depth 19" - 48.26 cm
Interior food warmer dimension
Width 39" - 99.06 cm
Height 5 ½" - 13.97 cm
Weight 580 lbs / 263.08 kg
Warranty Limited lifetime
Standard test - emissions Canada: CSA B 415.1-10
Standard test - safety Canada: ULC-S-627.00
Firebox Close-up
J.A. Roby Cuisiniere Cookstove
Oven Close-up
J.A. Roby Cuisiniere Cookstove
Top with Mirror in Chrome
J.A. Roby Cuisiniere Cookstove
Food Warmer
J.A. Roby Cuisiniere Cookstove
Back of Stove
J.A. Roby Cuisiniere Cookstove
Cuisiniere Cookstove Price
Metallic black (standard) $3,799.00
Options Price
Outdoor air intake (Must be installed in plant) $480.00
2 fans with thermodisc $169.00
Firescreen $150.00
460 CFM $360.00
Decorative Top, Chrome & Mirror $565.00
Decorative Top, Black & Mirror $350.00

This price does not include shipping. Please call or email Obadiah's for a shipping quote; specify the model and your zip code.

*Please Note: This stove is certified to Canadian safety standards.  It will be UL tested for the U.S. in 2014.  If you have concerns, check with your insurance company before making a purchase to see if they will approve this for your installation.

Highest Effiency!
April 23, 2014
Reviewer: Diana Couturier from Michigan
After weeks of searching for the lowest emissions possible and the highest BTU output; This is it. 95000 BTU's And only 1.34 per hour emissions. I've even researched EPA approved wood stoves without cooking features, but their efficiency is around 69%. Nothing seems to come close to this Cuisiniere. So this is the One I have chosen in the concrete home I'm building. Love everything about the many features of this Cookstove.
Caring Customer Service with RESULTS!!!
April 23, 2014
Reviewer: Jonathan S from Grants Pass, Oregon
Dear Obadiah's,

I want to thank you, and compliment your caring and professional customer service.
The shipping damage to my wood cook stove created a tough situation.
I appreciate your perseverance on my behalf to obtain an adjustment to cover my repair costs and replace damaged parts.

Jonathan S

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