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2603 Heartland Sweetheart Wood Cookstove

Heartland Sweetheart 2603 Woodburning Cookstove

Heartland Sweetheart 2603 w/ Water Reservoir
Let yourself be drawn to Heartland's woodburning cookstoves. After all, the original Heartland Oval has been heating homes, warming the water and cooking the meals for almost a century.
We proudly report that today's woodburning cookstove models offer the same comfort, dependability, and tremendous versatility. Heartland has also incorporated some important changes to make your life a lot easier than your ancestor's.

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Heartland Sweetheart Cookstove With Water Reservoir Model 2603

Holds its Own Power 

A Heartland Wood Burning Cook Stove can help you keep your home running smoothly when snow, ice, and power outages occur.  The Sweetheart is able to heat up to 1,500 square feet.  So you can enjoy a nice, steamy bath (with the water jacket option), a steaming cup of tea, or even a comfortable night's sleep.

Keep your Water Hot

Choose the optional copper reservoir with a tap, or install a hot water jacket. The installed water jacket can heat a 40-gallon water tank in around an hour with the stove running at full operation. Many customers choose to run this system on a thermosyphon, thereby eliminating the need for electricity. Wood heat can be a very dry heat, but the water reservoir provides plenty of humidity.  Note: Please refer to the water jacket manual and have it installed by a professional.

Make your Chores Easier 

You’re fascinated with the idea of owning a Heartland Wood burning Cook stove, but are feeling like it might be too troublesome to maintain. Not so.  Fuel can be loaded from the top or the front, the oven interior is porcelain-coated and has an ash pan that slides out for cleaning.

All components have a 1 year warranty in parts and labor with the exception of firebox parts, gaskets and over firing.
Defects in paint or porcelain enamel finish or plated surface have a 90 day warranty in parts and labor.

• Warms up to 1,500 square feet
• Solid cast iron cooking surface
• 1.7 cubic foot oven
• Upper warming cabinet
• Top or front fuel loading
• Large firebox for improved efficiency (less chopping and stoking)
• Ash pan on sliding track
• Options for hot water needs: 5 gallon copper reservoir with spigot or hot water jacket
• Optional Coal Grate Kit
• Optional Fresh Air Kit
• Optional Heat Shield for reduced installation clearances. Check installation manual for clearance specifications. 


Specifications Heartland Sweetheart 2603
Dimensions 42"W x 62"H x 31"D
Cooking Surface 29-1/2"”W x 21”D
Flue Size 6"
Height Overall - 62"
Cook Top - 32"
Oven Size 13-1/4" W x 12-1/2" H x 18" D (1.7 cu. ft.)
Warming Closet Dimensions 29-3/8"W x 8-1/4"H x 10-1/2"D
Firebox Dimensions 7-1/2"W x 11"H x 20"D
Weight 475 lbs.
Log Length 16"
Heat Output 35,000 BTU's/hr
Heating Capacity 1,200 to 1,500 sq. ft.

Clearances (Heat Shields reduce clearances by 66%)

A: Connector Pipe to Backwall: 18" .... With Optional Heat Shield and DL Connector Pipe: 6"
B: Stove to Sidewall, Left (firebox) Side: 24".... Right Side: 10"
C: Centerline Flue to Backwall: 22" .... With Optional Heat Shield & DL Pipe: 9 1/4"
D: Centerline Flue to Sidewall, Left (firebox) Side: 42 1/4".... Right Side: 25 3/8"
E: Minimum Hearth (floor protection) Width: 50"
F: Backwall to Front Edge of Hearth: 68"... With Heat Shield & DL Pipe: 56"

Minimum Combustible Alcove Dimensions: 67 5/8"W x 84"H

Installation: Woodburning stoves require strict adherence to clearance requirements and venting considerations. Heat shield kit is available to reduce clearances. Consult Energy House for complete installation advice.

The specifications found here are for reference only.
Consult the installation manual before installing or making cutouts.

Oven Stove Top
Heartland Sweetheart 2603 Woodburning Cookstove
Stove Colors
Heartland Sweetheart 2603 Woodburning Cookstove
Door Colors
Heartland Sweetheart 2603 Woodburning Cookstove
Item Price
2603 Heartland Sweetheart Woodburning Cookstove $5,979
Coal/Wood Grate for Sweetheart $280
Fresh Air Kit $88
Rear Heat Shield $270
Stainless Steel Water Jacket $270
Firebrick Kit $220

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