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Esse Ironheart

Esse Ironheart Wood Cookstove

The Esse Ironheart is a traditional steel and cast iron wood cook stove from England. This stove will gently warm your kitchen, as well as providing the capacity to bake and cook on the top of it. While most cook stoves hide the fire, the Esse cooker provides a glass window to view the flames and help keep the kitchen even cozier.

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The Esse Ironheart wood cook stove is more expensive than most cookstoves - but when you understand the difference in the way it's built you'll understand why.
Europeans value quality cooking appliances and unashamedly design them with generations of use and durability in mind. The features built into this cooker make it a delight for the chef and appreciated by the stove tender.


The spacious firebox was designed to accommodate 500 mm (19.69") wood lengthwise. By using larger wood, you can avoid restoking the stove in the middle of baking and struggling to regulate the changing temperature.

The standard firebox contains a grate and generous ash pan for convenient removal of ashes. This design is best for multifuel burning. However, for improved efficiency if you will be burning logs only, you can order a kit which replaces the grate and ash pan with a solid, deeper firebox that allows a bed of ashes to build up.

Two satin steel hotplate covers, finished in stunning textured satin steel, complement the graphite finished cooking surfaces. Two dog-bone hotplates offer a large hob area with designated heat zones for easy "pan slide" operation. Easily move your cook pan to the required heat zone - boil, slow boil or simmer.

A sliding lever located just above the glass door controls the air wash which keeps the door glass clean. The primary and secondary controls regulate the fire for heating and cooking while keeping the glass window clean.

The single large oven has vented extraction so cooking odors disappear up the flue. The oven works by offering gentle and indirect heat that won't dry out your food. Pizzas, for example, will be piping hot and evenly cooked from edge to center while toppings remain moist and the bottom is baked to perfection. Cooking temperature can be reached in approximately 60 minutes from cold start. Oven temperatures are easy to regulate using a simple push/pull action control lever.

The small bottom door at left hides the generous ash pan, making ash removal clean and easy. The door on the bottom right hides the access panel which is used when cleaning the flue way around the oven.

The optional boiler is capable of running a single radiator and providing domestic hot water (depending on your needs).

Width 35.5"
Depth 24"
Height 35.43"
Flue 6"
Weight 800 lbs
Oven Dimensions 13" H x 13" w x 17" D
Firebox Dimenisions 13"H x 10"W x 19" D
Log Length 18"
Average BTU's Approx. 20,800 BTU's
Fuel Consumption 4lbs. Seasoned Wood an Hour
Efficiency 72%
Side 11.81" - To Combustibles
Rear 19.75" - To Combustibles
Side 1" - To Non-Combustibles
Rear 1" - To Non-Combustibles

Esse Ironheart Wood Cookstove

Esse Ironheart Wood Cookstove
Available Colors
Esse Ironheart Wood Cookstove

Esse Ironheart Wood Cookstove

Esse Ironheart Wood Cookstove

Esse Ironheart Wood Cookstove

Esse Ironheart Wood Cookstove

Esse Ironheart Wood Cookstove

Esse Ironheart Wood Cookstove
Prices U.S. Dollars
Esse Wood Cooker $6,096
Optional Steel Boiler $780
Optional Glass Boiler $1000
Extended Wood Box for Firebox (for longer burn time) $221
Black Enamel Top $256
Pan Drawer $550
Color Options (Black, Earth and Green) via Special Order $170
Stainless Steel Polished Lids (Brushed Steel Lids are standard) $256
Warming Oven & Back Splash $800

The Ironheart is available in four colors, Anthracite (dark charcoal), Black, Green, Earth (green/earth special order). Color stocked is Anthracite or Black with black porcelain top. Other colors are special order. Some options are special order and could take 2 - 4 months for delivery, so order early to avoid disappointment!

*Please Note: Stainless Steel Polished Lids must be ordered with the Black Enamel Top.

Shipping is NOT included in the above prices.

Please call or email for pricing and a shipping quote.**

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Heartily Recommended!
February 5, 2014
Reviewer: Barry Fink - Eureka Springs AR
We finally finished with the permanent destination for our Esse Ironheart just in time for Christmas, so I am sending these photos. We are very happy with the Esse and would heartily recommend it to any one. My wife cooks on it frequently and has baked pies, bread, cakes and other foods in the oven, as well as using it to warm up leftovers. It keeps the house nice and warm and is easy to start a fire in. The baffle has been staying in place and the fire brick you sent fits perfectly now.

I can't say thank you enough for your help with the stove and your guidance in constructing the alcove for it, Woody. I will be recommending Obadiah's Woodstoves to others.

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